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How to Stream live events.

Lights, Camera, Action: ExpressVPN launches new live events streaming directory

With growing demand from audiences to watch live events like the Oscars and the American Music Awards online, ExpressVPN launched the new directory dedicated to streaming live events.

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WATCH: Wi-Fi Hacking Explained: SSL Stripping

The danger of using public Wi-Fi without a VPN is a hot topic at the moment. This new video will help educate your readers and boost your conversions by demonstrating how easy it is for bad guys to hack a computer that is not connected to ExpressVPN. Feel free to embed this video in your content.

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How to unblock BBC iPlayer Abroad In 2017

Are you planning on traveling abroad for the summer, and you want to watch UK TV via the catch up services such as BBC iPlayer or perhaps 4oD and ITV Hub. The good news is that this is entirely possible.

BBC iPlayer lets you stream high-quality TV and radio shows, as well as movies. It is, however, limited to UK viewers, which means – in principle – you can only watch it from inside the UK. But there are ways to watch BBC iPlayer from outside of the UK, perhaps while on holiday or for those living abroad.

Through The Use of A VPN:

The easiest way to watch BBC iPlayer abroad is to use a VPN such as ExpressVPN, or any of the available options.

VPNs (virtual private networks) are used for many purposes, as they allow you to surf the internet with anonymously and protect your privacy, which gives you total security and freedom.  VPN can also be used to virtually relocate your computer or mobile device by offering access to an IP address from the region you require. This is where they can come in handy for watching BBC iPlayer and other UK TV abroad.

You first have to choose a convenient VPN service. Once you’ve got your chosen VPN service up and running, you’ll need to set it to the UK and go to the BBC iPlayer webpage to start watching.

By Changing DNS Settings:

If you want to get UK TV via the browser on your Xbox or PlayStation then you will need to fiddle with some DNS settings. If you head to the network settings of the console/device and manually configure the settings then you can enter a primary and secondary DNS (Domain Name Servers) numbers.

You can search the internet for these numbers (they change a times) and ExpressVPN has a good list which you can try. They are premium DNS Service which will serve you for a long time  and the fastest you can find anywhere, rather than free services which will occasionally send you to someone’s own site rather than your desired TV source in an attempt to sell you a slow proxy list or something worse.

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